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21, Denver, Product Designer

Reading and Response #2

Approaches to Post Modernism:

The article by Barret was highly illuminating in it’s overview of both what postmodern art is, and the tools that are commonly used to enable it.  I have always been a huge fan of post modern art. I believe in a way post modernism reflects the natural progression of where we are as a society and a culture, and how we value things.  The rise of post modernism, coincides with an increase in self awareness in the art community.  By looking at the conventions and institutions of the Art world, we are forced to recontextualize them in a modern way. As a culture we have trended farther and farther away from a reliance on established practices and institutions; (from the rise of the countercultural movement to the internet age) and this novel aversion reflects itself in the works of artists of the time.  I am a huge fan of Koons’ work and his use of kitsch and repetition and satire have always drawn me to his texts.  Which serve as often exaggerated examples of our culture. The tool or element that spoke to me the most in this reading was appropriation,  Appropriation is fundamental in our modern society.  By releasing artists, and all content or media creators from the burden of originality there is a palpable freedom and excitement that can be seen in works that actively and clearly appropriate. In almost a tongue and cheek way, the art serves as reflection of the creator’s influences, tastes, and personality.  These elements of the artist’s self come from things that have been collected throughout the artist’s life from other sources. The only thing that really makes us unique as human beings is that we are the sum of all of our influences and experience, the specific blend of all these already existing things, and the mix within a person is what creates the truly original self. So in that way appropriation is a celebration of the individual in an indirect way. It serves to show here is what influenced me, here is what i care about, and here is what i want you to see.

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