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21, Denver, Product Designer

Selections - Artists Statement 

For this project I wanted to utilize my very extensive archive on war photography.  I have always found candid scenes from war to be incredibly striking and thought provoking, and have a particular affinity for the scenes of Korea and Vietnam.   This time period has been used as a turning point for our country and these images are true artifacts of a moment when our nation’s conscience was truly flipped. So I chose 10 of my favorite images from those two conflicts and sought to  decontextualize them in a way that allows us to really seek the point of these conflicts.  By isolating the images and cutting out ancillary details from each image, I was able to both highlight the anonymity of war, but also the mundanity in which these actions take place.  War is a not only a state of conflict but truly a state of mind, and I chose these candid stills to illustrate the hum drum business that is warfare.  By layering with gauche and applying repetitionitition to he printed projects I was able to create this “washed out” effect that exposed an almost ghostly effect to my selected figures. That really added to the anonymity as well, but also guided me to subvert the directions and not use color. In true postmodern sense I used my awareness to understand that the pieces would only be reduced, and the solemnity of my message would be lost with any colors.  The gravity of the photos is strong, and I am very proud of the considered decisions I made in this one. 

I want you to feel like you just finished walking though a grave yard.

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